Employee Engagement & Team Optimization

As a consultant, I help leadership teams create cohesion and alignment within their organization to support productivity, innovation, cultural well-being, and growth. Aspects of engagement audits and strategy include:

  • Organizational Vision & Mission: A clearly defined vision for the organization is critical to creating an engaged workforce in which each member is INSPIRED to contribute, knowing how one’s efforts contribute to the greater whole.

  • Communication: Poor communication is the Achilles' heel within many organizations and a common root of dysfunction and disconnection between leadership and employees, managers and direct reports, and internal teams. I help organizations identify related blind-spots, and offer the tools and training for more active, conscious, and authentic communication protocols.

  • Roles & Responsibilities: To thrive, individuals need a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities. I evaluate org charts and ensure there's clarity around decision making, expectations, and goals for individual roles.

  • Mentorship & Pathways for Growth: I help implement programs (and related communications) to ensure employees are growing within the organization.

  • Operations & Workflow: Great talent doesn't guarantee a high-performing team – structures and systems must support their highest contribution and collaborative potential. Based on results from an engagement audit, I help management address key areas of operations and work-flow to solve challenge areas.

  • Recognition & Reward: Simply stated, people need to feel appreciated for their work. Based on the unique culture of the organization, I help develop programs to recognize and reward effort and contribution.

Mindfulness & Wellbeing Education

Recent surveys suggest nearly half of workers suffer from moderate to severe stress on the job, and 66% report that they have difficulty focusing on tasks due to stress. The World Health Organization has labeled stress the "health epidemic of the 21st century," and the average adult has received little in the way of resilience “training” and wellness resourcing. I see the approach as two-pronged: targeting the root cause of organizational stressors (as noted above), AND, providing training to support people navigate overhwhelm effectively, resulting in less sick days, greater productivity, more mental clarity and creativity, and inspired workplaces. 

As an educator, I partner with Management Consulting firms, HR Directors, and leadership teams to bring mindfulness-based training into organizations, which can range from a single workshop to ongoing trainings that provide employees with the awareness, tools, and inspiration to effectively navigate the demands of work (and life!), and to cultivate greater capacity for productivity, mental clarity, creativity, inspiration, and personal empowerment.

Workshop topics include: The Anatomy of Stress; Introduction to Meditation & Mindfulness; The Breath as your Ally; The Power of Vulnerability; Cultivating Emotional Intelligence; Conscious Communication; Pillars of Wellness; and movement related practices including workplace yoga & qigong.

Recruiting & Staffing Strategy

I have interviewed hundreds, if not more, individuals for contract and full-time positions (primarily in the creative services industry). I am able to lead and manage the hiring process, from drafting job descriptions to posting, headhunting, reviewing candidates, interviews, and offer negotiation. Depending on needs, services can be offered on a retainer or contingent fee structure. For those organizations needing broader level support, I can consult on general staffing strategy as it supports company objectives and current talent resources.  

Public Speaking, Keynotes, and Panel Engagements

As an experienced and natural public speaker, I enjoy inspiring wide-ranging audiences to reclaim responsibility for their lives and to fearlessly embody their authentic gifts and full potential – contributing not only within the workplace – but to the community and fabric of society. Presentations are generally focused on themes of "showing up" (life/work/etc.) with courage, curiosity, and compassion, and in doing so, creating the opportunity for more authentic, meaningful connections and collaborations. Presentations can also be offered on subjects specific to the nature of wellness and the necessity of serving Self, before one can serve others.

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.
— Buckminster Fuller